about me

I’m Ryan. I’m a junior at Yale University, working towards a major in Computer Science and doing various kinds of design work and web development on the side.

In the fall of 2009 I took a middle-of-college gap year to explore the world around me a bit (and to hone my CSS skills on the side). I moved to Seattle, where I took a number of freelance web jobs while pursuing some personal projects in music, art, and creative writing.

When I’m not working on websites, I often sit around reading microfiction or playing Picross. I also perform as The Bare Minimum, a one-man musical group, and I used to sing and beatbox with Out of the Blue, a co-ed pop-rock a cappella group at Yale.

Other random tidbits:

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(978) 793.2292


Twitter: rofreg

Skype: rofreg

hiring info (+ résumé)

I’m currently a full-time student, so I don’t have much time for new projects. Still, I’m always looking for new opportunities (and summer internships), so if you’re interested in hiring me, let me know!