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A new way to keep track of debts between friends, with the intent of making life with housemates easier. Currently in beta, and a finalist in the MassChallenge startup competition. Co-founded by myself and Jon Bittner.

Hourly Comics 2011

In homage to John Campbell's brilliant hourly comic, I kept a pictographic record of my life for the month of February 2011, using a custom-built web app to post live drawings to Tumblr and Twitter. The result is a snapshot of my life as a 20-year-old college student, as recorded through hundreds of quick sketches.

In Abstract

An interactive multimedia art piece that takes a webcam feed and uses it to synthesize abstract video and ambient audio. In Abstract was developed in Processing and exhibited at Yale's Digital Media Center for the Arts in December 2010. (Requires OS X and a webcam.)

HTML5 Synth & Visualizer

For 10K Apart, I built a Javascript-based audio synthesizer, sequencer, and visualizer in under 10KB of code, using brand-new HTML5 features like the and

Apple iPad in CSS3

An experiment to see how closely the iPad home screen – a minimalist but also quite nuanced bit of design – could be emulated using only HTML and CSS. (The page only works in Webkit-based browsers like Safari and Chrome.)


The latest redesign of my portfolio webpage was an exercise in using modern web technologies, including embedded fonts and CSS animation.


I created the design and helped build the participant experience for SocialSci, a Boston-based start-up bringing social science to the internet.

The Words Book

A digitization and modernization of the Words Book, a set of vocabulary lists used in English classes at Middlesex School.

Pinch Pad

A web app for note-taking on tablet computers. Thanks to HTML5 features like the cache manifest and local storage, Pinch Pad even works offline! Try it on the iPad or in any Webkit-based browser.


I needed a design that reflected the punchy, high-impact prose I was trying to write in my microfiction. Thanks to a photo by the excellent aturkus, this was the result.


A microbookmarking service, enabling users to keep track of their favorite snippets of text from around the web. This was my first solo web project, built from the ground up during the summer of 2009.

Shifts + Reservations

I helped develop an internal Yale web app called Shifts, built for managing and scheduling the student worker population. I also led development on Reservations, a new online system for equipment checkouts.


Inspired by Jason Eppink's Total Crisis Panic Button, I ran around New Haven putting up various playful and fantastical signs, earning mentions everywhere from Boing Boing to London's Daily Telegraph.